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How To Use ERC-Chroma Test Request App.

Always use the REFRESH bottom to begin afresh, clear System memory and Sign out of sessions


There is no sign up process. ERC-Chroma is designed for the beginner's experience to be as streamlined as possible.

Testing Client/ Customers

Testing clients wishing to forward Samples to ERC Laboratory should proceed with the Home button. The system will ask for user's email address. If it is user's first time using ERC-Chroma, a PIN will be generated and shown. The PIN should be stored safely as it will be needed for subsequent logins. Nevertheless, the FORGOT PIN link is always available for retrieving lost PINs.

Forwarding Samples

Access the Sample forwarding facility using the Home button.

Labelling Samples

Upon successful submission of the Sample forwarding form, the following information pertaining to each will be displayed: 

1. Barcode ID per Sample - where practicable, use Print Barcodes button to print Barcodes for Sample labelling. You can:

Click a Barcode to send it to specialised Barcode Label printer where available. ERC-Chroma works with over 260 Label Printer models.

Use Print Monolithic button to generate printout of Barcodes in a single line format, print normally on regular paper and cut.

Use Print Normal button to generate printout of Barcodes in checkered format, print normally on regular paper and cut.

2. Sample Unique ID - Where option of Barcode Labelling is not feasible, write/print out these for Labelling.

3. Type of Sample - e.g. Fuel Oil, Effluent Water or Air Quality.

4. Date of Registration.

5. Info button - Use this to update Markings (e.g.: From Point 4C on 05/01/19) on Sample and also to forward Sample-specific instructions to our Laboratory.

6. Test button - Use this to edit required Tests per Sample, if necessary. You can ADD, DELETE and EDIT Parameters. Once edited, you can save as Test Schedule for subsequent re-use.

Tracking Progress of Test Report

Clients/Customer should use their login-in details under My Sample bottom to track the progress of their test report.


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