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For your cost-effective and accurate ambient & indoor air-quality monitors, aeroQUAL products are second to none The flagship aeroQUAL monitor, AQM60 and AQM65, is a state-of-the-art instrument configurable to continuously measure common air pollutants including O3, NO2 ,NOx, CO, SO2, VOCs, H2S, CO2, TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM1, noise and meteorological parameters such as rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction. Applications include, Industrial perimeter (fence line) monitoring, Point source emissions monitoring, Urban air quality monitoring networks, Roadside and tunnel monitoring, Offices/Indoor Monitoring, Long term air quality trend analysis, Environmental Impact Assessments – EIA, etc.

Linked together in a network, and coupled with remote data acquisition, AQM 65s will form a lower cost, high density ambient pollution monitoring system for a city or industrial perimeter. With near reference levels of performance the AQM 65 ensures air quality data is reliable and robust and traceable back to recognised international standards e.g. USEPA (40 CFR Part 53) and EU (2008/50/EC).


The compact size has numerous advantages. The unit can be transported by car, carried by two people, and installed and operational in under 30 minutes. This makes deployment and relocation quick and easy. It also opens up monitoring locations that were previously inaccessible to traditional monitoring stations. Because the enclosure is small, the energy required to temperature control it is much lower than for a traditional monitoring station. Lower power consumption opens up the possibility of remote power supply and further decreases the total cost of ownership.


The modular design of the AQM 65 increases flexibility and makes maintenance and servicing easy. Order your AQM 65 with as many or as few sensors as you like – then purchase additional sensors when you need them. The sensors, packaged in modules, can be individually removed from the enclosure and sent away for servicing or simply swapped out for a new one. Such convenience decreases downtime and lowers the total cost of ownership. In a network you can also move sensor modules from one monitoring location to another according to your needs.


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