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Facility Inspection & Material testing


We provide inspection services, and materials testing & analytical services that investigate, isolate, and analyse sources of contamination, causes of defects, composition of inclusions, and more.

A2.2.1    Construction and Building Testing

Building product manufacturers need independent technical support to prepare their products and processes for the rapidly evolving heavily regulated construction market. We provide tailored construction and building inspection and testing services for manufacturers, importers, distributors or consumers that need third-party laboratory testing services. We can also help you with your construction and building routine and non-routine testing, examinations, evaluations, inspections, and research studies such as:

Aggregate Testing

  • 1. Air Leakage Testing
  • 2. Air Performance Testing
  • 3. Asbestos Testing
  • 4. Bearing Capacity Testing
  • 5. Blast Surveys Boil Testing
  • 6. Coating Materials & Thickness Testing
  • 7. Concrete Testing
  • 8. Conformity Assessment Testing
  • 9. Construction Materials Testing 
  • 10. Direct Shear Testing
  • 11. Durability Testing

Hydrostatic Water Testing

  • 1. Environmental Monitoring
  • 2. Environmental Site Assessments
  • 3. Failure Analysis 
  • 4. Field Inspection Testing
  • 5. Formaldehyde Testing
  • 6. Humidity Testing
  • 7. Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • 8. Mortar Testing
  • 9. Petrography Testing

Porosity Testing

  • 1. Potable Water Testing
  • 2. Site Characterisations Testing
  • 3. Soil Compaction Testing
  • 4. Stress Strength Testing
  • 5. Telecom Network Construction Testing
  • 6. Thermal Stability Testing
  • 7. Volatile Organics Testing
  • 8. Weather tightness Testing
  • 9. Wind Testing

A2.2.2    Food Safety Services

ERC technicians and scientific staff provides suite of food safety testing services including the following:

1.    Food Microbiology

  • A. Identification of a wide range of microbes in food a or water samples 
  • B. Aerobic Colony Count
  • C. Coliform
  • D. Generic E. Coli
  • E. Salmonella
  • F. Listeria
  • G. Coagulase positive S. aureus
  • H. Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • I. Yeast and Mold
  • J. Clostridium sp.
  • K. Shigella sp.

2.    Food Chemistry & Nutrition Labelling 

ERC provides a complete range of analytical capabilities for nutritional composition. Other testing includes:

  • A. Analysis of preservatives, additives, allergens, mycotoxins, Rancidity
  • B. Fat (saturated unsaturated, trans-fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids)
  • C. Protein, Moisture, Fiber, Carbohydrates, Sugar profiling, Calories
  • D. Vitamins, Minerals, Cholesterol


3.    Food Residues 

ERC provides an analysis of food products (fresh fruits & vegetables, seafoods, fish & fish products, meat & meat products, processed food products, prepared foods and ingredients, drugs) for pesticides, growth promoting hormones, antibiotics and environmental contaminants. These analyses are:

  • A. Multi-residue methods for pesticides, herbicides and insecticides (includes more than 200 compounds)
  • B. Individual pesticide compounds and/or metabolites
  • C. Individual or multi-drug residue analysis
  • D. Antibiotics
  • E. Growth-promoting hormones
  • F. Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
  • G. Heavy Metals
  • H. Mycotoxins (such as aflatoxin)
  • I. Method development and validation services

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