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Dr. Emmanuel Lamptey Wins BIZZ Award 2022

The President & Chief Executive Officer of Envaserv Research Consult, Dr. Emmanuel Lamptey has received a BIZZ Award 2022 at “THE BIZZ SIGNATURE” ceremony organised by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) in Houston, Texas on March 26, 2022.

The BIZZ Award is one of the most important business awards and brings together leading businesses from around the world, whose companies have been recognised for business excellence.

Dr. Lamptey was selected for this award after evaluation on business leadership, strategic management skills, creativity and innovation. The BIZZ award comes in the wake of other recent recognitions: the most respected CEO in Environmental Consultancy, 2021; Global CEO award, 2022, and Corporate Ghana Hall of Fame award, 2022.

With over 10 years business experience as a President and CEO, Dr. Lamptey has provided business transformation leadership, streamlining growth, team and overall corporate productivity for Envaserv Research Consult. Envaserv Research Consult is a niche player in the ESG services, marine geophysical and geotechnical services, and testing laboratory services including petroleum products, PVT analysis, fertilizer, water & effluents, soil and sediment, etc.


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