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Environmental Solutions

“We are a multi-disciplinary environmental planning consultant and laboratory testing firm providing innovative solutions and services to our clients in the oil and gas, mining, agriculture, transportation, construction and manufacturing industries with high quality bespoke results on schedule and meeting budgetary requirements creating a shared value beyond compliance”

Petroleum Testing 

ERC offers a complete array of field sampling and hydrocarbon laboratory services to the petroleum industry. The laboratory provides conventional PVT tests and the results can be used for simulations for measurement planning, test workflow and estimating test results.

Facility Inspection & Material Testing

We provide inspection services, and materials analytical services that investigate, isolate, and analyze sources of contamination, causes of defects, composition of inclusions, and more.

Food Safety Services & Construction & Building Testing,

Environmental Research & Social Governance 

ERC provides cutting-edge environmental research and social management services for industries Including: oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, agro-business, transport, building & construction, academic institutions or consumers that need independent related services.

Offshore/Onshore Research & Assessment 

We are experts in surveys of onshore and offshore oil & gas facilities; seabed topographic and geophysical surveys, roads, landslides, landfills. ERC specializes in Hydrographical, Oceanographic and Meteorological applications for our clients and boasts of highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment for its applications.

Agriculture Research & Testing

ENVASERV Research Consult can assist your company or organization to perform testing, research, certification, and inspection of your agriculture and farming activities, products, standards, specifications including Precision Agriculture, Agro Bioterrorism, Agro Environmental Assessment, Agriculture Laboratory Education & Soil Assessment & Testing

Geospatial Analysis

Our GIS team is experienced in data capture and geo-processing of field survey data, using in-house applications to provide interactive mapping. Our GIS capabilities integrate a powerful set of GIS/ CAD software with automated tools (ESRI ArcGIS, XTools, and AutoCAD) to assist clients in streamlining processes and continually improve operations management.

Occupational Health & Safety

ERC’s occupational safety and health (OSH) covers issues related to social, mental and physical wellbeing of workers through voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns into our decision making. ERC provides HSES-MS Audits, Gap Assessments, Remediation Action Plans, ISO Implementation, in addition to training support from the boardroom – to – field sites, in a nutshell, “Safety First”

Env. Training & Capacity Development

ERC facilitates client's long-term capacity building, increasing their ability to identify and solve their own problems and risks, and to maximize opportunities. We mobilize, strengthen and develop human and institutional capacity on a case-by-case basis.

About Us

Our vision, mission, core values and everything about who we are as  Envaserv Research Consult Limited and what we stand for.